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HD in China

China is one of the focal points of development for the Hunter Douglas Group. From 1993 onwards, the Group has successively established dozens of solely foreign-funded enterprises in mainland China, to complete a developed industrial layout and operational network of regional market management. Hunter Douglas’ business in China consists of architectural products and window covering products. The architectural products includes ceilings, façades (metal and terracotta) and solar control; and the window covering products business includes window fashions (residential, commercial, EOS-C track motor and automation control system), hospitality and 3form translucent panels.

For over twenty years, Hunter Douglas has been introducing the world’s state-of-the-art architectural products into China, which lead the industrial development trend in the country and win the Chinese market by means of preeminent quality and perfect service support. Additionally, Hunter Douglas brings to the Chinese market a complete service system and marketing concept, offering strong technical support and solutions in response to customer demands with the unique pattern of supply – Custom Product and Zero Loss. Hunter Douglas’ architectural products are broadly applied to high-profile projects in many fields ranging from public spaces, governmental organs, transportation facilities, commercial/corporate properties, industrial plants and residential decorations, etc., achieving a remarkable market performance and social effect.

In the future, Hunter Douglas will further investment in Chinese market to develop and introduce more energy-efficient, environmental and intelligent high-end architectural products, thus to make new contributions to the construction course of China.